A Discipleship Relationship

One of the best ways to make use of these icons is to intentionally gather with two or three others to use them as the basis for prayer and discussion - to inform our discipleship journey. Discipleship needs to be intentional. The following outline is one possible way of doing this:

  1. Opening prayer - recommitting each other to the journey of discipleship and inviting the Holy Spirit to be at work - guiding and shaping each of you to be more like Jesus.
  2. The Vision - It may be helpful to remind each other why you’re meeting -”We are here so that we can learn to live our lives in the same way that Jesus would live them, if He were us!”
  3. Pick one or two (max) of the icons - invite one of the group to explain how they understand this icon and any particular Bible passage/s that they find helpful. If there are other Bible passages that aren’t in this booklet - jot them down so that you can return to them. What has God been teaching them about this part of their discipleship since you last met?
  4. Explore the questions outlined in the booklet. Are there other questions that as you discuss would be helpful to jot down and return to regularly?
  5. Pray for each other - leaving space for the Holy Spirit to speak to each of you.
  6. You may want to set a particular challenge before next week’s meeting - and start with that challenge next time you meet.
  7. Closing prayer.