Building a Rule of life

A rule of life is a way of organising how we live - call it a training program - around a set of practices and rhythms that help us carve out space within, alongside and around our busy lives so that we can enjoy the company of Jesus, be shaped to be more like Him and find ourselves partnering with Him in the world. A rule of life is about the practice of spiritual disciplines but also is about the using of everyday moments as moments of connection with God.

A rule of life answers five simple questions:

Where is the Cross in your life? Where is the Fire in your life? Where is the Table in your life? Where are the Seeds in your life? Where is the Vine in your life?

After each icon, often within the questions, we referenced a series of practices. These practices don’t just apply to one of the icons but often span some or all of them. For example, (add comma) Bible study roots us deeply into all five; (add semicolon) hospitality is both an expression of the table and the seeds.

This is not a complete list, but more than enough to get us started:

A rule of life takes these practices and builds them into our lives - starting small, always relying on the Holy Spirit and walking patiently.

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