A conversation with a young person

Here is a series of questions that could helpfully shape a conversation with a young person. It may be that a direct questioning approach is unhelpful but these questions give us some guidance as to what we want to encourage and help the young person discover:

The Cross

Do you know that you are loved by God?

Do you know much about the person of Jesus? Do you have a favourite story?

Do you understand what Jesus did for you upon the cross?

Do you know that you have been invited by Jesus to be one of His disciples? And do you know what that means?

The Fire

Do you know who the Holy Spirit is?

Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?

Do you know how to listen to Him and follow His guidance?

The Seeds

Do you know that Jesus has invited you to partner with Him in His Kingdom? i.e. That you are called to be a history maker?

Do you know what the Five Marks of Mission are?

Do you have friends you could share your faith with? Who would you love to see in Church with you every week?

The Table

Do you feel part of a team of Jesus - people who have your back and you have theirs?

Do you feel that your Church helps you to grow to know yourself and others?

Let’s talk about… sex… money… power… dating etc etc - what big topics excite/challenge you?

Are you committed to your Church - not as a ‘member’ but as someone who is shaping it?

The Vine

Do you have a helpful way of reading the Bible and are you learning to pray?

Do you rest and work in balance?