A Healthy Church

When you pause and reflect upon the Church community that you are part of - is it a healthy community? Is it the kind of Church that Jesus dreams of? Here are some questions to ponder. These questions aren’t designed as a tool to encourage critical evaluation of Church (!) but rather to encourage our investment and prayer for the Church that we are a part of.

The Cross

Do we communicate clearly who Jesus is and what He has done for us?

Does every member of the Church know that they are loved and valued by God (what is shaping the identity of the Church members)?

Does the Church community take seriously the call to take up their cross and follow - are they walking in obedience?

The Fire

Is the Holy Spirit given time and space to move?

Is the Holy Spirit being listened to?

What particular area is the Holy Spirit highlighting in the community at the moment?

Are the fruits of the Spirit evident within the community (is character prioritised over giftedness)?

The Seeds

Does every member of the Church feel equipped and encouraged to live as a missionary?

Is generosity practiced?

Is the Church mission-shaped?

Is the Church growing numerically?

The Table

Are the vast majority of the Church within a small group or connect group?

How are new people welcomed and helped to belong?

Is confrontation and disagreement handled well?

Is the Church community diverse - age, culture, ethnicity?

The Vine

Does the Church have healthy rhythms and patterns of worship, prayer and fellowship?

Is there a clear strategy for making disciples and does it work?

Does the Church rest and have fun regularly?

As you use the Icons you may find that there are other questions you want to fit alongside the questions above to further discern how healthy your Church is.